Welcome to Home Sweet Home

 As a result of her dedication over the past twenty years of caring for Tucson’s pets, Renee, the founder of Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, recently retired. We will miss you! …
We are delighted to introduce Renee’s niece, Kerry Garza, as the new owner of the company. Kerry is not only family, but she shares the same passion and connection Renee does for the animals she cares for. She has had animals since she was a child… from birds, fish, cats, and horses (to name a few). Once you speak with Kerry, you will know your wonderful babies are still in the best of hands.
At Home Sweet Home Tucson We provide professional, tender loving pet sitting and dog walking services in your home, for a safe and happy pet. We know that your dogs and cats will be happy with our in home pet sitters and dog walkers.
Our services range from half hour visits, overnight service to staying in your home for 24 hours a day while you are away. We will work with you to develop an individualized pet care plan that will meet the needs of your pets and home.
You can call us for a mid-day dog walk while you are at work or on vacation. Our pet sitters will take your dog for a walk in your neighborhood, or for a special walk in the park so they can enjoy a cooler temperature in the green grass and trees.
You will have peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable, caring professional is taking care of your cats, dogs and home. We keep your pets safe and happy and provide lots of good care, love and companionship.
We know that pets love the security of home and their familiar routine and that they will be happy in their own bed at night and eating their favorite dinner at the usual time in their own home sweet home. And they will feel comfortable and content knowing that they are home where they belong and that you will be coming home soon. You can call, text or email me or your pet sitter at any time to check in and see how your pets and home are doing. 


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