Loving Professional pet sitting in your home for a safe and happy pet

Pet Sitting

We offer cat sitting, dog sitting and care for all varieties of pets.

Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is the most experienced and professional pet sitting service in Tucson.  Whether you need your dogs walked during your work day or are going out of town and would like to have a professional take care of your pets (and/or home) while you’re gone – we are at your service!  We take pride in our work and aim to provide our clients and their furry families with excellent service, consistently.

Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is fully Bonded and Insured and are also Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. You can rest assured when you book with us, you will have a fully qualified and experienced professional pet sitter taking care of your loved ones. Pet sitting has become an increasingly popular alternative to bringing your pet to a kennel while you are away. It is an excellent way to ensure that your pet receives the care and attention they need while you are away.

From cats and dogs to more exotic creatures like birds, reptiles, and small mammals, pet sitters can provide your furry friend with the same kind of love and attention as if you were there. In addition, most pet sitters have extensive backgrounds in animal care and are knowledgeable about the needs of different species — from food to exercise requirements — so your pet will get the best possible care.

One of the main advantages of hiring a pet sitter is that it allows your pet to stay in its familiar home environment where they feel safe and comfortable. Being in a strange place can be overwhelming for some animals, so having them remain at home can help reduce this anxiety. Pet sitters also offer customized services based on your needs. This includes providing daily walks, playing with toys or other activities that keep their minds stimulated, administering medications or supplements as needed, feeding them at regular intervals, providing litter box cleaning services for cats, or picking up after dogs when they go outside.

In addition to providing essential physical care for your pets while you’re away, many pet-sitting services also provide emotional support. They will spend quality time snuggling with them, playing fetch, or just generally providing companionship, which helps alleviate feelings of loneliness or boredom that pets may experience when alone at home.

Hiring a professional is essential because it ensures that your furry friend gets the best possible care and gives you peace of mind knowing that someone reliable is looking out for them while you’re away. Plus, since most services offer flexible scheduling options, including overnight stays or drop-in visits throughout the day, depending on your needs — it makes fitting in quality time for yourself much more manageable!

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable way to provide quality care for your beloved fur baby while you’re away from home, then hiring a professional pet sitter might be just what you need!

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